What is Scholars & Iron?

Scholars & Iron, LLC evolved out of a series of discussions between Mike Bevers and Joe Lombardo, as they were finishing up their doctoral programs in 2018. By the end, they realized that much of their intellectual growth seemingly came at the neglect of their body's development. They wanted to know why in modern society today, is there such a large gulf between physical fitness on one hand, and scholastic pursuits on the other? The result was the Scholars & Iron Podcast, which launched in September of 2019.

Since then, we've come to align the mission of Scholars & Iron along the ideals of ancient Greek thought--to that the development of the mind ought to be concomitant with advancing the body. The Scholars & Iron Podcast provides dialogues among elite level athletes and scholars who are immersed exemplify  prove that it is possible to build strength physically, as well as intellectually. Whether we're making a connection between Existentialism and powerlifting, or bodybuilding or the soul, or even a project someone is working on, we invite you to help explore these ideas with us.


In February of 2021, Scholars & Iron co-produced a short documentary film, "Women Empowered" along with Precision Video Solutions. This will be a first in a series commenting on the cultural, social, and philosophical disposition of physical strength in our society today.

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Joe Lombardo is the host of the Scholars & Iron Podcast. Joe received his PhD in Politics (New School, '18) and is currently training in powerlifting. He resides in Arlington, Virginia. 

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